Ability to open templates in html editor

I just thought about this one… As you have a built in html editor for product descriptions and so on, why not add an option to open the templates in this?

Sometime I want to make very small changes to templates but it helps if I can see the layout as oppose to just the code. I know I can cut and paste into an editor - which I do now and will still do even if this is added - but it would be handy!

Just an idea. Anyone else think this would be handy?


YES YES YES, i would really like that too, i would like to make some changes and immediatley see the results.

Unfortunatelly, HTML editor doesn’t understand Smarty markup, so if you open any template, it’ll be completely messed up.

In addition to the previous zeke’s post.

You may try to copy the contents of any template file and then past it in the pop-up HTML editor window to see how it will look like.

Then please tell us your opinion on whether you would like to have this option in the future CS-Cart versions.

I didn’t think about the smarty ‘issue’. Perhaps what we could have is a link from the template editor to open an html editor window. Then we can copy and paste snippets of html from the templates into there to play around with the layout instead of having to open up an editor.

Like I said in my original post, I use dreamweaver most of the time and just cut/paste, however for some really small changes it would be good to be able to simply do it all online.

Ok, will be added in 1.3.4