Ability to change the default display order

It would be nice to have the ability to change the default display order of the product in each catergories (just like the “POS” option in category). The default is list by products name.

You can change it to list by product name, price or default.

Default being the order added to the catelog

The other two are self explanitory

From admin, click “Appearance Settings”

Then change it using the dropdown: Product list default sorting

The problem with numbered sorting is, if you have thousands of products you could easily get yourself in a mess !

A few more options would be nice however, such as ascending or descending, but this can be done by editting the files quite easily.

Yes, it would be nice to sort products by feature. You can already assign features to products, but not filter them by those features. I’m thinking of having a set of check boxes on the category page that would display results based on what features you have checked. This isn’t unlike using sub categories, but you don’t have to worry about the same product displaying more than once if it appeared in multiple categories.