Ability To Assign Shipping Fee To Store Admin, Not Vendors

Vendor Plan allows 2 models of counting vendor revenue:

(Product cost + shipping cost) * (1 - commission rate)


Product cost * (1 - commission rate) + shipping cost

Neither of these scenarios doesn't work for situation where vendor admin provides a central shipping service to vendors and pays the costs of it. That's how we currently work and lot of high-end multivendor stores we know, that strive to provide a streamlined experience to the customer (a bit like ASOS).

It would make a lot of sense to implement it.


Could you please clarify how the shipping cost and total should be displayed in vendor invoices in this case? We are working on such a module, but want to know opinion of real users

Hm, you mean on the invoices that vendors sends to the customer? That's a good point, to be honest we haven't thought about it, indeed it's problematic.

Yes, for example we have the following order

Product A from vendor B - USD 100

Product C from vendor D - USD 50

Shipping cost - USD 10

So the invoice of vendor B should contain

Product A - USD 100

Shipping cost - ????

Total - ???

and invoice of vendor D should contain

Product C - USD 50

Shipping cost - ????

Total - ???

Ok, I validated with my partners - actually we're not invoicing the shipping to the customer - vendors only invoice product costs. If some customer would insist on it, we (as a store) would invoice the shipping, but that's unlikely. I know that some other major stores with central shipping also operate this way.

We will think how to do it. The main issue is that the parent order is hidden in CS-Cart and customer, administrator and vendors can see only suborders. According to your logic, shipping cost will not be displayed anywhere