Ability for users of some level of membership add and sell their products

We want one custom feature but dont know is it possible add it to cs cart.

what we want at few words:

  • we want to have possibility to add users of some membership level that can ONLY add products to shop cart to some categories (or all categories) with some common properties,

  • and these products must be associated with these users - so later when these producst will be sold - some statistical and finnancial tasks can be done with this info.

    So at common view - have possiblity to offer users of site to sell their products from site with some commision to owner of shop.

    We checked features of cscart and finded only administrator membership level with custom privileges.

    Can be this task solved with help of cs cart - may be with some customisation?

    ps. sorry for my english - it is not my native

It’s a shopping mall feature. I think cs-cart team has a plan to make it already.