Abandoned / Live Carts -> Order


today customer of mine said while he was building big order cart content has vanished.. Appears

he was not logged in and after logged in not sure maybe he already had something in cart or what

but he no longer could find this long list he was putting to cart.

So I checked Abandoned / Live carts

and see hist logged in cart and not unregistered cart by same IP.

Question is how to make order out of this list? How to convert carts to orders from admin side..?

I am afraid, you can only create order manually with the order management feature

Oh well, would be really handy.

Can you just change the 'type' of the entry in cscart_user_session_products from 'C' to 'W' creating a wishlist?

Otherwise, you could probably modify the 'extra' filed to ensure that it contains the proper user_id.

If the session is expired, you might have to overwrite the session_id with the value from the user's last login session from csccart_user_sessions.

If this is a frequent activity, then you could develop a tool to automate it.

i coudn't sent mail, Abandoned unregistered user. its something wrong or i cant do it? How can we do this?

And Can we add the basket-containing products by mail?

More than likely they didn't enter an email address before abandoing their cart. I.e. they didn't start checkout so there is no email address available.

Enter email adress before last part a payment and they quit a site. i want to sent them.
in basket have unregistered users log. customers must be entered email adress if want to buy

And sorry i use 4.3 and 4.5 this feature only see 4.5 te. i see the email adress in basket.