Abandoned Carts

I seem to get a lot of abandoned carts, customer adds item but does seem to proceed to cart / checkout stage.

What is normal/expected abandoned cart rate?

Why do customers add to cart and then change mind?

Is this browser, javascript, or security warning problem?

Any hints or tips to improve conversion rates?


Website tested on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Could be any number of reasons.

In my opinion they are shopping (shopping doesn't only mean buying but browsing as well), meaning they want to know the total cost.

By the way, this isn't a “Issues & Troubleshooting” question.

This is not a CS-Cart issue, as this is one of the best shopping carts available and represents good value unlike other carts.

The product landing page includes the shipping cost estimation based on product weight, so the customer knows cost of shipping before adding to cart. Has anyone got tips on how to improved conversion rates? It seems that 70% to 80% abandoned carts is normal for most websites.

[quote]It seems that 70% to 80% abandoned carts is normal for most websites.[/quote]

I would take that data with a grain of salt, alot will depend upon your product market and just how good of a job you have done in the presentation of your products, leave to many unanswered questions and you are bound to have more abandoned carts, you know.