Abandoned Carts

I am a bit confused about the abondoned cart feature. Half of the abandoned carts with client info are orders that have actually been paid and are completed. However only a small percentage of the paid and completed orders appear in this list. So to me it appears completely random.

For some reason the column "order id" exists, but this is confusing to me. If there is an order (id), then i would say it's per definition not an abandoned cart.

I made a blurred out screenshot of my abondoned carts list and you can see half of it has an orderid. Is this a bug or am i misunderstanding something?


An order can get an order_id and be 'Incomplete'. In that case it will not be removed from the user_session_products table so they can go back and correct things and resubmit. If you view 'Incompleted' orders, what do you see? Do they align with the order_id's?

That makes sense and explains the order id field, however it does not match our abandoned cart list.

We have 2 incomplete orders, one of the order id's is in the abandoned cart list and the other is not. Another cart of that user is in the list.

In the abondoned cart list we have about 20 abandoned carts with an order id, with various order statuses that all not represent incompleted orders except 1.

I have not looked in detail about the conditions that remove info from the user_session_products table when an order is placed. What payment processor are you using since that is what sets the order status? It's possible that something related to payment processing is preventing the 'cart' from being removed upon order placement. I.e. the status is not one of the system statuses that will remove the info.

Kind of grabbing at straws here since it would take time to examine the code.

We use Paypal & Multisafepay as processor, https://github.com/MultiSafepay/CS-Cart

Now you mention it... all the incorrect abandoned carts are from Multisafepay and none are from Paypal. Could be coincedince as we have much more volume with multisafe though