Abandoned Carts

Just a reminder that we added Abandoned Cart transactional emails to the EZ Auto Mail addon back in April. Older Auto Mail posts don't reference this.

You can set how long before an inactive cart is considered to be abandoned. Email (with content of cart listed) is sent to customer encouraging them to return and complete their order. You can add whatever text info you want to the email and make any offers you choose.

Note that "Events" that can have email automatically sent from EZ Auto Mail addon are:

- Order placed - generally for review requests

- Order placed for amount greater than - special offer to come back for larger purchasers

- Order placed containing specific product(s) - Upsell for other products

- Order placed using specific payment method

- New customer registration - offer a discount for next purchase

- Form submission - Provide automated response for things like sample requests or other feedback/info

- Abandoned cart notification

You can specify how long to delay sending the email for each type of event (other than abandoned carts which happen immediately when the queue is processed). You can customize your own email templates, offer specific promotions, etc. Each event can have it's own template or you can share templates across events.

It's the time of year when many carts are abandoned so thought we'd give you a reminder that we added the abandoned cart capability back in April.

Documentation is located at: https://ez-ms.com/docs/auto_mail.pdf