Abandoned Cart Pop Up Pol

I would like to create a pop up window that would activate when a visitor abandons a cart. This would attempt to find out why the customer is abandoning the cart. Like a pol it would ask for reasons for the abandonment- like comparison shopping, delivery time too long, price too high etc. I can create the pol on cs-cart but how would I trigger it when the cart is abandoned.

thank you.

Usually a cart is abandoned when the user leaves the site. Maybe you are defining an abandoned cart differently?

tbirnseth- I am using the same definition. I see pop up messages (when leaving a site) that ask if you want to leave the page. There are sites that put up a discount message when the visitor trys to leave the site. I don't know how those messages are triggered, but it must be possible.

There are free and paid addons listed here that will do that for you. Just search for them in Google. It takes a small amount of JS to detect if the redirect is off-site and if so to delay and display the pop-up. Not my forte, but I believe Valli and a couple of others have done various incarnations…

Thanks for the heads-up