A way to create an automated Google Base feed for 2.2.3?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using CS Cart 2.2.3 for over a month now and have over 1000 products in my store. I just recently installed & enabled the “googe export” addon so I could upload a file to my google base account, however now I realized that I have to go back to every product and fill out the attributes shown in the link below :(


So has anyone come up with a more automated way to do this? … rather than have to go back to every product again to fill this section out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

You can use the product import to import new features via a CSV file.

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You can use the product import to import new features via a CSV file.


I am trying to do this today, with over 5000 products, about 2000 did not have Manufacturer assigned. I have Exported:

Product ID, Product Name, Features

Thus I know the Manufacturer of each product from its name.

However, when I Import this file back in, I go from 5195 to 5221 products, despite making absolutely no changes to the Product ID or Product Name fields.

I am guessing this all stems from some products, sporadically throughout the CSV, not having Product ID - which begs the question, how is that even possible?! Added stress at this time of the year is certainly not what the doctor ordered :( I thought the ProductID was the unique identified throughout the database for products and thus, if a product doesn’t have one, the product shouldn’t exist!