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Hi, i want to make a new sales page…meaning make a page in cms and add some random products in there…what is the best way to add products in that page? will have to code the whole page, or can simple use the product code or a “variable” to display the products i want on that page?

You are able to add the products to the page by using the “Listmania” option. For more information look at this section of our Knowledge Base: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

hi, what i wanna know is, if we can add products on a regular page…for example if you go to cms in the store and make a new page…how do we add products in that page? When we click on add new page in the cms, there is not option for listmania.

Please let me explain.

You should do the following:

  • Click on the “Listmania” link in the “CMS” side box on the right.
  • Under the “Add new lists” section:

    1. Enter the list name;
    2. Select “Page” in the “Object” select box;
    3. Select “Products” in the “List objects” select box;
    4. Select “Manually set” in the “Type” select box;
    5. Select “Central” in the "Appearance box "select box (your list will be displayed in the central part of the page);
    6. Select “Before main content” in the “Appearance order” select box (your list will be displayed before the main content of the page).

  • Click on the “Add new” button.

    Then click on the “Manage pages” link in the “CMS” side box, and open the desired page. There will be the “Listmania” tab on the page. Click on it and then click on the created list name. After that select the “Enable for this page” check box and add the desired products to the list by using the “Add Products to this section” section.

    I hope this is clear.

I find the way the CMS works one of the weakest aspects of CS-Cart. Handling pages, content, and menus is rather complicated and not very user friendly. It reminds me of the cumbersome way Joomla works, quite a nightmare. Adding a page to a menu, setting the parameters and filling it with content should be quick and easy. The CS-Cart CMS doesn’t work in an intuitive way.

aaahh thank you so much :slight_smile: that helps a lot.

[quote name=‘super9xman’]aaahh thank you so much :slight_smile: that helps a lot.[/QUOTE]

You are welcome;)