A Sneak Peek At Cs-Cart 4.16 - Part 1: Help Section

In my comment above, I meant CS-Cart as a whole:

  • CS-Cart Store Builder (we did refer to it as just “CS-Cart” previously, but that is changing)
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

So, marketplaces will be able to use Stripe Checkout as well. It works both with Stripe and Stripe Connect.

Dear CS-Cart Team,

I am giving the go to upgrading my store, but see that 4.16 is now on his way.
Can you tell me when the upgrade is completely available?


Ralph Sweebroek

Hello Ralph,

We expect the first upgrades to hit the Upgrade Center before the end of January (on the “first downloaded, first upgraded” basis). After that, it usually takes up to a few weeks before we lift the restrictions and make the upgrades available to everyone.

So, although I don’t have an exact date for “completely available”, a safe bet would be “some time in February”. Please note that to see the upgrade to 4.16.1, your store will need to be at version 4.15.2 already.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Dear Ivan,

I will contact my developers to get in touch with you.
We want to upgrade as soon as possible.

We had been waiting for V5, but this will to be to complicated for our shop and we have a lot of made plugins. So we decided to keep on this version. But now because of the waiting we are a bit out of date.

Hi, I guess there is some confusion here.

This is in relation to the use of Stripes OWN checkout PAGE (user gets rerouted to that page and puts in details)

I understand stripe checkout will work for MV users but its specifically around the user interface and user experience that I’m asking about.

Ideally, we would like to use Stripes OWN checkout page as they have done a lot of work to optimise for conversion whereas cs-cart’s native checkout page is generally not an ideal user experience

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Dear Ivan,

Is there an update when ready :wink:
We are really waiting for news.

That won’t be covered in CS-Cart 4.16.1. Our main goal with Stripe Checkout for 4.16.1 was to increase the number of local payment methods, and the feeling of added safety when you see a familiar payment option and their interface.

I’m thinking January 31st. That’s when you can expect a release announcement here at the forum, and a usual blog post covering most important changes. Right now, we’re doing some final pre-release testing and prepping that post :slight_smile:

Hello community,

Payment Gateways will also be available for older versions ?

We use 4.12.2 and we can’t upgrade because we have a lot of modifications. a solution for us ?

“We’ve already implemented Stripe Checkout 4 to support payment methods like Sofort, Klarna, Afterpay, etc., payments by installments, Apple Pay, Google Pay.”

Is this new Stripe Checkout feature part of the currently unreleased 4.16.1 version or a new feature that is already working?
I’m currently using the no-code version, is this something I’ll be able to use?

Unfortunately, we only provide new functionality in the new versions. That allows us to implement new functionality sooner. Because adapting and testing functionality on many more past versions is a much longer process.

However, there might be a solution. We have the Add-on market, with solutions for CS-Cart from other developers. I’ve found at least one Stripe Checkout add-on:

Note that the functionality of this add-on can be—and probably is—different from what we offer in 4.16.1.

Yes, absolutely. The release date may be different though. I’ll explain why below.

Yes, this. It is a part of version 4.16.1, which we’ll be first releasing in a few days, on January 31st. Not everyone will be able to upgrade immediately:

  • For our On-Premises products, we initially provide upgrades in small batches, on the “first downloaded, first upgraded” basis. So it may take a few weeks before everyone gets a chance to upgrade. But ultimately, in On-Premises it’s up to the marketplace owner when to upgrade (and whether the code changes and third-party extensions they use are compatible).

  • For Multi-Vendor No-Code, the functionality from 4.16.1 will come to everyone at a later date. That’s because in No-Code, we are the ones responsible for the continued upgrades and availability of your marketplace (as well as everyone else’s). It is a huge responsibility, and we’d like to take the extra time to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Will the new CS cart Stripe system for 16.1 allow easy partial refunds on the admin invoice page?

I completely agree with this and wish the CS Cart checkout page had a better user interface.

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