A rant, by request... - Article on Smarty

Theres a lot who will agree with this, and I for sure as hell do !!!

Smarty is a pointless excercise that the world could do with out.

Double the code to achieve the same results ! Not to mention an unbeleivable degree of cross referencing

Woooooooord! Free our souls from the chains of Smarty!

I can see why you copied that. You had a lot to say, all of it right on target.

I wish I knew more about PHP. XML, Java, etc.

I did a global advanced search on “why smarty” on titles. I really wanted to know why anyone would ever consider to use Smarty to develop a site, specially a CMS.

Well, this is plain that my doubts are now affirmed: Smarty is tottaly, utterly useless. Since 1.3.5 beta is already out there, I can only hope that the next “greatest feature” in 1.3.6 will be the dropping of Smarty. Though it would be invisible for end-users, it would be highly appreciated by developers and every shop owner that needs maintaining his cart.

Sometimes I find that software companies make that bad start in their code, and find they have to keep to it because of legacy support. I look a lot forward to the day Microsoft goes UNIX, but would rather see a totally different OS becoming the main stream - preferably from another company too. Maybe Google OS???

Set me freeeeeeeee!!!