A question re filters and the pdf invoice

I am testing version 2 and have a couple of questions.

Is it possible to make the filters into a drop-down list rather than having them all appear?

Also, I notice the product code doesn’t appear on the .pdf invoice. Is there any way of including the code on the invoice? I don’t know why they changed the layout of the invoice in version 2 - it was perfectly OK in version 1.3.5 and seems to be a bit of a mess in version 2, especially if you have a lot of options on the product.

Hi Lyn,

I’m going live with 2.0.8 and my product codes are appearing on the pdf invoice for products with and without options. I sure hope they didn’t change it between 2.0.8 and 2.0.12! I need the code to appear on it.



Going live with 2.0.8 on 2/1/10!