A Promotion Problem

I told cs-cart that this is a serious oversight or something thought wrong by those who have designed and developed; That's the problem:

we have several conditions to be met, I try to list here to see if you are able to find a solution for us:
1st the VALUE KIT products always free transport
2nd the VALUE KIT products and ORIGINAL products NOT HAVE DISCOUNTS, NEVER
3rd orders over € 25 HAVE free transport
4th orders over € 40 have DISCOUNT 10%

so if there is any product in the basket and a VALUE product KIT ORIGINAL or a 10% discount is applied only to products which are not ORIGINAL VALUE KIT and, for example:

10XT130X VALUE KIT € 32,90 (free transport yes, discount 10% no)
EPTS510B Samsung CLP 510 toner € 75,00 (free transport yes, you save 10%)
Then 75.00 to 7.50 = 67.5
ORDER TOTAL 67.50 + 32.90 = 100.4

apparently this situation it is impossible to cs-cart, since the discount 10% is calculated for all or nothing, have a different solution?
a prize to those who can solve this problem with the standard tools of cs-cart

Hi there,

For these conditions we can help you. If you want you contact us at support@webkul.com

Kind Regards-

Himanshu Dangwal

Use 'catalog' promotions for your discounts and 'cart' promotions for the others. Make sure you set the priority properly so that they are evaluated in the order you want and then verify the "stop other rules" checkboxes where it's appropriate.