A Font Question..

I honestly have searched this forum and the knowledge base so I wouldnt have to bug you guys with this font question. I want to globally change the font size and color on product descriptions and from what I have read its in the css. My only problem is there is over a thousand lines in there, does anyone know which code changes the product description font? Thank you so much, I appreciate you guys so much!

Do you use Firefox as your browser? If so, download Firebug. It is invaluable when redesigning websites - a very handy tool.

I downloaded it and pulled up firebug but I am not sure I understand what I am looking at :slight_smile:

Open the page that you want to edit. At the lower right hand corner click on the little bug to open Firebug. In the left hand side click on the Inspect icon then hover over what you want to inspect and click on it. You will then see the HTML code on the left and the CSS code on the right.

Play with it a little and you will get the hang of it.

Very very interesting. Thank you so much, I will tool with this and learn it. Thank you.

I am getting it! Wow you taught me to fish instead of just feeding me, thank you thank you!

I’ll take mine grilled or blackened…your choice. LOL