a Flower Shop

We are helping our client to move their existing web site to CS-Cart platform.

Try very hard to keep the look and feel of the site.


([SIZE=“2”]Flash 8 player needs[/SIZE])

Thanks for your comments.:slight_smile:

Hi tzeming, very well done, nice site. :wink:

very nice. nice music too.

Very nice and compact. Almost hard to believe it’s CS-Cart.

I like the site and what you’ve done with it but I don’t like the music. I think it’s not necessary and it is distracting when it strats over again when the page refreshes. Flash has the same problem and I’m not sure what the small images are. My guess is that they are product images but it’s not clear. Some are grayed out while others are clear. I suppose the grayed out ones are products that are not available.

It is a great idea and you are really close to a nice look. Keep working on it.

Nice. How to turn off melody?


does not work.

Occsaion = Occasion?