A few questions re product display page

Hi Guys,

I have a few questions i hope someone can help me with. After a fresh install of CS-Cart, and much learning and reading, i have these last few issues to iron out before i can go any further.

On the product detail page, we are a VAT registered business, so i have got the pricing displaying as;



Where i would like it the reverse - so;



How can this be made possible?

On my previous Shopping Cart, on the product page, underneath the price, there were additional options which I would like for CS-Cart to also have on its product detail page. These are;

Product Condition (New, Used, Refurbished)

Manufacturer Name

Availability (We do not use inventory tracking, so we manually enter this info for each product - ie, In Stock, Delivered in 1-2 Days, etc).

Any idea how to get this info to show underneath the price on the product detail page? I am assuming, I would create a Global Feature as above (if there is not already an option available for these), but from there, how do i get that field to display next to the price, as the option “Return Period” currently does?

Many thanks,



The code for the prices is in skins/your-skin/customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl

You can just rearrange the code in there.

As for your condition, you could set that as a feature and then do some custom coding to display it. For the brands, you could use/modify the addon at Brand / Features add-on - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums You could actually modify that addon to display the condition.

As for the availability, you could use CS-Cart "In stock/Out-of-stock alternative statuses" add-on

I hope that helps,