A big thank you to Pavel.

Thank you for all your help on these boards.

I know you can't attend to everything but get

on to your boss for some help.

Their is no greater advertisement than an active

forum that is open to public view.

With some companies like Volusion you can't even

look at the boards before signing up.

I have checked many carts out there and CS-Cart

is by far the best value for money.

The paid support is fine and acceptable.

Rectifying basic dysfunctions, however, should be free

( under what should be regarded as a warranty period ).

As has been pointed out before, fixes posted in the user forum

would save 'everybody' time.

Most of us are merchants and have to do most things for

ourselves ( otherwise we would have departments to take

care of things and not be here in the first place ).

I for one don't know the slightest thing about PHP.

Your cart is a beautiful piece of work and saves us

money compared to those Pay per Month carts but

it can get frustrating when the simplest questions

( to me ) are not answered.

[size=6][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]VOTE 1[/font][/size]


It's Sunday morning here and perhaps my words are foggy

but you are a great crowd and I am sure you will forgive me.