A better upgrade method?

I wish there an upgrade script that allow you to upgrade everything on to the server and run it via web.

Been using vBulletin for a while and i found there upgrade method and template is much easy to use, easy to upgrade without any problem, the best of all is when you upgrade you won’t loose any change made to your template unless there is a major version upgrade

I agree 100%

I made a reply very similar to this long ago and it was ignored so don’t hold your breath…

I honestly think; As long as clients keep paying big money to the developers to upgrade their stores, they may never create a upgrade system everyone can use (like vBulletins).

Or they could pay a lot for the mod to add this.

I have to be honest, in the last couple years i been looking for the best shopping that suite my need, so far CS-Cart have everything that i need except for the upgrade and the why they handle the template.

I would hope the developer of CS-CART will see this thread and take it into consideration.

I wanted to buy couple more lisense for other site but have been holding back because i’m affraid of the upgrade. I already have much problem with the current site.

I suppose someone could design a mod around the update zips.

Ive noticed sometimes the database.sql files have un-needed queries and so the mod would have to take the sql file’s queries one by one and if an error occurs output them to a popup window.

Here is my old post about this. I know this thread was read many times by CS staff and ignored completely


Previous cart I used has developed update via web, but they didn’t manage to make it work now for 3+ months, also they did not publish a decent update in two years :slight_smile:

Their current Windows client upgrade client has NEVER worked for any of our developers and so we spend hours upgrading everything manually. It’s actually quite questionable of CS-Cart to have such a poor, unusable “upgrade system”; if you can even call it that!