A/B eCommerce: Which Test Won?

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A very interesting website for A/B testers:


Especially this eCommerce Tests category:



[QUOTE]Test of the Week:

[SIZE=“3”]Which Ecommerce Store Page Template Got [SIZE=“4”]34% More Add-to-Cart Clicks[/SIZE]?[/SIZE]

Left Nav Bar vs. Right Promo Column



How good is your gut?

Vote for which version you think won… and then see real-life test results:[/QUOTE]

Source: [url]http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5757[/url]

One Shopper, One Vote!

Lee Li Pop

Shows you that shoppers are more interested in layout and clean content than splashy advertising-looking promotions…

Hello Tbirnseth,

Yes, also, you can try to move up or down your “Add to Cart” button, and your conversion rate can up or down…

To know more, you need test, test and test again!

A/B testing is (maybe) the most important thing in eCommerce!

Lee Li Pop