90% Of Int. Orders Cancelled: Malfunctioning Shipping Cost

We have been running CS-Cart live for some months. Unfortunately we have seen that 90% of international orders are cancelled because of ridiculously high shipping costs calculated by the CS-Cart system.

The problem is this: most new customers will place a small order first. Small orders are light in weight and small in size. Shipping costs are low. But CS-Cart real time shipping costs malfunction, because it uses fake box dimensions and all carriers use dimensional weight.

Our customers complain heavily about the crazy shipping costs that cs-cart calculates, which can be €100 on a €20 order, which the real shipping costs are €10.

The problem with malfunctioning shipping costs are explained here: Why Dimensional Weight doesn't work in CS-Cart

There is already a request for dimensional weight in uservoice, but this was marked implemented without understanding what was requested by hundreds of people.

There isn't a real bug in CS-Cart because it works as designed. It just wasn't designed in a way that will calculate correct shipping costs. It will severely overcharge customers. As it does result in malfunctioning of the shipping cost calculation I have added it to the bug tracker here.

Unless CS-Cart fixes this issue, this may cause our website to fail. Which would be remarkable because our brick and mortar stores and other sites are highly successful.

Apparently the bug report was deleted without notice.

A new bug report was created here: http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/issue-6224-dimensional-weight-shipping-costs-calculation-returns-wrong-costs/