800 Product Names?

We're starting a new site with close to 800 products. Our supplier only uses the product sku as their product name but we want to use actual names on our site. However we don't want to think of 800 names so we need an automated method to create the names. We're aware of the generator sites but we wanted to know what you would suggest?


Not previously experienced being a random name to a product code is going to give. …

Take then a part of the description that's still something neater.

take the first 8 or so letters from the description then append them with 01 or 02 etc at the end of each if some start the same.

we do this with design descriptions

Perhaps a scanning pen might help, get yourself a list of names that might suit, perhaps football clubs, world places and then scan away. Should take about ten names per minuite to produce a list :-)