60 days trial version shared to vps problem

hi, I have problem

I test cs-cart2.1.4 pro trial version limited to 60 days in my shared server www.aaa.com

and I want to test diferent cache system: file vs msql vs shem vs gzip vs deflate vs memcache. in my dedicated server www.bbb.com

1)backup ftp www.aaa.com

2)backup mysql db + modif db

3) modification config.local.php

4) upload ftp to www.bbb.com

5) clean var cache and browser cache

result all the url are without the domain name ,


and all the path for .css .js have double slash //



is trial license restriction available only for 1 domaine during the 60days ?


Check your settings for ‘http_path’ and ‘https_path’ in config.local.php. It should be empty (I.e. “”) if you are not installed ina sub-directory of the domain.

thanks tbirnseth :wink:

probleme solved with fresh install and import db.