50K products feed import help need it - slowing dow the server

I have noticed that import task is taking important server resources (I use default advanced import), I played with 500 products import for a different vendor and I noticed right away that the website is very slow. Is there any way to slow the import speed in order not to affect the website load ? I have 50k feed to import from one vendor but I’m pretty scared to start the import as it may ruin the website for many hours… And they are more to come, that same , with thousands of products via feed, imagine all those tasks running…

ps. I have 4vCPU , 8GB RAM, SSD drive virtual machine.


Use custom code to import products and you can customize which fields is mapped and to be inserted.
after that u can use loop with batch or chunk method insert record after make thread request sleep then again batch will start automatically.

I have a file with 10,000 products updating every hours, it only takes 1 minutes to update them. Creating 1,000 new products takes normally 30 seconds with pictures.

Might be that your server doesn’t have enough ressource.

I have 16Gb RAM and 16 Cores with 2Gbs bandwith from OVHCloud.