503 error

We have just signed up with siteground. Wish we hadn’t. Ok, its cheep, but we only did it because they advertise ecommerce web hosting using cscart. Rubbish… it DOES NOT WORK. I was importing my products, only 250 of them when i got a 503 error message. Aparently this is because i exceeded their cpu limit or something & after contacting their support was told in no uncertain terms that it was the scripting of cscart causing the problems not them & that they basically don’t give a dam that it doesn’t work and i should get in tough with cscart!

Now my site is not useable, i cant import any products & basically, well useless.

They suggested a way around it was NOT to use the import products section of the admin panel but to use mysql to do it! Yer right…

These are a bunch of crooks who even after 5 days won’t refund my money as they say its not their fault and in any case i knew what i was doing when i signed up because i read the 12343245678 pages of their ‘Terms & Con’s’…

Why does cscart recommend them?

Please don’t do duplicate posts with the same content.

Thank you.