500 Internal Server Error

Hi again.

I did an upgrade from 4.3.6 to 4.3.7 and i found a problem on one product.

This product has many forbidden options and as you understand a lot of data are stored in the database for this product.

In 4.3.6 the product was active and working fine.

Now on 4.3.7 it returns 500 internal server error not only on detailed product page but on every page that contains it. eg. on category page that includes the product.

What changed in this version and i have this problem.

I have to find a solution because its one of my best products.


Have you looked at your PHP error_log? Some servers generate 500 errors from PHP errors like hitting memory limit.

I am trying to check it now but the file error_log is 2.8G and its still downloading.

Did something change in memory limits to this version?

Any time i try to access the page i am getting a 404 error page.

If you have an error_log that is 2.8G in size, then I think you have problems you should investigate.

From casual observation, memory usage is about the same. However, I've switched to PHP 7 where memory usage is generally less.

As i see it don't give a specific error in the file except from some errors from third party addons.

I disabled the all but the problem still remain.

every time trying to access the page it loading and loading and then i get 404 error page.

I disabled some options of the product and the page loads normally bit this is not a solution because I need all the options. Has anyone any idea what the problem is?

It is required to examine issue directly on your server.

Good morning!

Thanks to all my problem has been solved.

As i saw this version changed an option in product.

In "option settings" in product it changed to " simultaneous " from " Sequential "

and the option load all together causing the problem.

Thanks a lot!