500 Error When Attempting Install Of Cs-Cart 4.5.2

Testing CS-Cart on my server. Can't get past the install. Uploaded and unpacked CS-Cart 4.5.2 to my server. Made sure permissions are properly set. When i visit http://www.my_site.com/install/, the following message is thrown:

This page isn’t working
http://www.my_site.com is currently unable to handle this request.

My specs: cs-cart 4.5.2, cPanel 2.2.31, Apache 2.2.31, PHP 5.6.29, MySQL 5.6.32, Perl 5.10.1

Any ideas?

Try to set 777 permissions on the install directory and subdirectories

Check this http://docs.cs-cart.com/4.4.x/install/possible_issues/500_internal_server_error.html

The best way to find the reason for it is to check the cPanel error log.