$5 shipping for orders over $25

We are able to add free shipping promotions, etc., however we want to try a special where the customer pays a flat $5 shipping rate when their order subtotal is over $25.

When trying to do this as a promotion we’re limited to an order discount bonus that only has percentage and fixed amount options. Obviously this doesn’t work.

When trying to set-up a shipping method to accomplish this we run into issues with cost dependencies and location (we only want to offer this special to those in the lower 48 states). We can’t get rid of the first/default dependency of “More than $0” which means that the shipping method is free(or whatever fixed value we enter) for orders under $25. Ideally this shipping method would only appear when the customer’s order totals over $25. As far as locations, I set-up a location called “Lower 48” in addition to our “all countries” default destination, “TN” for just the state of Tennessee, and “USA” which has all the states. I moved over United States in the Countries section and moved over all the states except Alaska and Hawaii in the States section. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to enable the cost dependencies, even though they are enabled when I add one to the “TN” location. Is it a problem for me to have the same states in multiple locations?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give.


We are running 2.1.1