404 Page On Cs-Cart Multivenor

Hi there,

We have our cs-cart multi vendor store installed in subdirectory 'store123456'.

In our cpanel we have configured the subdomain testing.storename.com and pointed its content to the 'store123456' directory.

We have made the following changes in local.config.php file

// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server

$config['http_host'] = 'testing.storename.com';

$config['http_path'] = '/store123456';

The problem is that when we try to access the url 'testing.storename.com', it takes us to the 404 page of the store.

Also the home page of the store appear when we visit the link 'testing.storename.com/store123456'.

Lastly, we are also not able to visit the admin dashboard as it again gives a 404 error page when we visit the page 'testing.storename.com/store123456/admin.php'.

Any suggestions on fixing this?



You should create .htacess file in the root directory with the redirect to store123456

Please find more details about redirects here:


As for the admin.php, make sure that it is not renamed according to CS-Cart recommendations