404 Errors

I installed a trial version 4.3.3 on 6/25 to domain framingstuff.com

I converted it to free version so I could see what actually was not available in the free version.

Was able to work with the new website until late in day 7/1 when some problems seem to have occurred.

The admin back end seems to be working as it should.

The Front end loads the homepage fine, but any link (Categories, products, pages etc) I click other than the My Account link at top of page returns a 404 page can not be found error.

Suggestions please on how I can fix this trial version.

I do see that this trial version does not appear on my list of active licenses in my Help desk listing showing my other 2 active licenses. Could this somehow cause this problem.

Any help concerning this trial version will be appreciated.

Have your cleared your template cache? [admin_url.php]?cc

Also, many times a bad 'storefront url' can cause the same issue when the site tries to redirect to a page other than homepage.

Please try to temporary disable the SEO add-on and check if you can reach catalog pages

Thanks for your help

I disabled SEO add on

used ?cc and ?ctpl commands in admin backend

My front end came back to life. You guys sure know your stuff

only problem I have now is when I try to reactivate SEO add on I get the following message in my backend

"Warning SEO-friendly URLs are disabled. Check your web server and URL manipulation engine settings"

Since I would like to use SEO features, Can I access those settings in my cpanel ? where are those settings and what should they be set to ? What else might I need to do ?

Thanks again and any more ideas on this would be appreciated.

Please check this article:

Not sure I know why it worked, but I used cpanel file manager/editor to add the Mod_rewrite section from htaccess.bak to htaccess and Bingo the SEO addon could be activated and now seems to be working.

This forum really helps the coding challenged like me.

Thanks for your help

You are welcome!