404 Error With Hash=V

Hello All-

Has anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it?

I have Features and Filters set up to help customers filter products. Some of these filter lists can be quite lengthy. When this happens, there is a “View All” button to click and view the entire list, shown below in picture. When you click on the “View All” button, the entire list is displayed, as shown in second image. When you click on any of these filter options, it gives a 404 error that ends with hash=V###. For example, the page is directed to [url=“http://mystore/pumps-aeration-and-foggers/waterfall-pumps.html&features_hash=V213”]http://mystore/pumps...tures_hash=V213[/url]

The number displayed after the V is different for different products.

I checked my robots.txt file to see if hash was a disallowed item. My robots.txt is:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /images/thumbnails/

Disallow: /app/

Disallow: /design/

Disallow: /js/

Disallow: /var/

Disallow: /store_closed.html

User-agent: Googlebot


User-agent: Googlebot-image


User-Agent: Pinterest


User-Agent: Pinterest/0.1


Has anyone else had this issue or know how I can resolve it?

Thanks in advance,


view all button.png

view all button2.png

FYI for anyone else in the future. This was a bug in version 4.0.3.