404 Error pages in internet explorer not working


I have recently changed a lot of my product SEO names. As google has indexed a lot of the old urls, im obviously getting a lot of 404 errors when clicking on to my site links from google.

When loading the old URL in Firefox I get the Exception message ( I.e the internal 404 error) [URL=“http://tinyurl.com/qrore2”]http://tinyurl.com/qrore2[/URL]

My problem is that within Internet explorer it will not work. I have also tried to bypass this by adding the errordocument 404 /404.html within my htaccess files. but this doesnt seem to be working either

Is this an issue with SEF URL? Any help would be amazing. And if you can tell me how to fix it ill paypal some beer money too you…


If I turn off SEO friendly urls or remove the mod_rewrite bits from the htaccess file it seems to work, but unfortunatley I need SEF urls…

I may have to pay for some additional support from CS-Cart but as above if anyone can sort it here i’ll paypal across something for your efforts…