404 Error For Google Produts Data Feed

I have been able to manually load a csv file of my products into a google products data feed.

Also have now been able to run a cron job to automatically produe my csv file of products from cs cart

My problem is when I try run the automatc uploader from the google merchants data feed uploader I get a 404 error and it wont load.

Has anybody any advice on whats needed to get this working.The only real parameter seems to be the feed URL and I am using mywebsite.com - This website is for sale! - mywebsite Resources and Information.

The file exists but if I point to it with my browser I get a 404 error. I put an image file in the directory as a test and the browser will render this OK.

Any advice appreciated.

I have solved my problem. I have used the FTP option to push a new products file to google products data feeds and not used the automatic upload approach from Google mechant.