403 Error On Vendor Login Page


We are encountering a 403 error when trying to log in to any vendor admin.

This is not happening on the overall administrator, but if we view any vendor from our main admin page, it brings up the 403 error.

We deleted an unknown ftp user from our cPanel just before the error occurred and are wondering whether this user was integral to our installation and since being deleted could be causing a permission error? We are not experts so a bit of a guess as we can't see that anything else has changed.

CS Cart believe it to be a mod_security issue and have advised us to disable the module which we can't do without upgrading our shared server package. This fix doesn't make sense though as we have been using this server configuration for four months with no problem. Godaddy has also advised that this solution will not fix the problem stating that the software is the problem and not the server.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Version - CS-Cart multivendor v 4.7.1

Thank you

I've have the same problem. May be someone can help us?

I've have the same problem. May be someone can help us?

It is required to debug the issue. Contact support team