4.7.1 Upgrade Locked Out - Unknown Column 'cscart_Statuses.position' In 'order Clause'

Upgraded to 4.7.1 and error was returned - now locked out of admin. Any help appreciated!

Error shown on Store Closed / Service Unavailable page:

Unknown column 'cscart_statuses.position' in 'order clause' (1054)SELECT cscart_statuses.*, cscart_status_descriptions.* FROM cscart_statuses LEFT JOIN cscart_status_descriptions ON cscart_status_descriptions.status_id = cscart_statuses.status_id AND cscart_status_descriptions.lang_code = 'en' WHERE 1 = 1 AND cscart_statuses.type = 'O' ORDER BY cscart_statuses.position asc

Fixed it after some hacking based on this forum thread and comments by the #CS-Cart-Team Moderators

ALTER TABLE `cscart_statuses` ADD `position` MEDIUMINT(8) NOT NULL;