4.5.2.sp2 Realtime Shipping Problem With Location

We sell both locally and internationally.

We use Australia Post to ship our items and in CS Cart we use the built in Australia Post Realtime rate calculation.

Just this week we came across a problem with rate offered and location.

A customer in Denmark purchased an item and got the choice of local shipping choice/option.

It would appear that the postage system calculates postage on both the Country and the Post code entered by the user in the cart/checkout.

The customer was in Denmark, so it offered our international shipping options through Australia Post.
But his Denmark post code was 5027, which is a Post code that is also in South Australia.

Because of this the local South Australian shipping options were also shown.

The customer of course chose the cheapest local shipping.

The difference in shipping was over $30 AUD, he paid less than half of what it would cost us to ship this item.

In this situation the shop is at fault and now we have to wear the cost of this sale.

I checked in the admin settings and there is no way to specify which country or location a shipping choice/option is… how can this be fixed?

This would have to be considered a design flaw or bug? Shouldn’t this be fixed by CS Cart developers?

I have offers of people adding this functionality but I believe it should be fixed by the CS Cart development team.

I would also see this as a bug. Suggest you report to bugtracker since the country should take precedence over the postal code.

However, it cold be a problem with AU post as well in that the data might have been sent properly and they ignored the country because they recognized the postal code.

You should be able to enable logging of http requests and see what's being sent. If the country and postal code are correct in the request, then AU post probably has a problem in their API.

By default Australia Post shipping method in CS-Cart should be sending country code and post code to Australia Post. So as tbirnseth assumed, this seems to be an issue with AUP ignoring the country code.

We recommend to find the request/response to shipping service in the CS-Cart log and send it to the Australia Post support. Ask them to comment this issue.