4.3.x Api Order Update Resetting Prices

I have a few items that are priced at $0.00 in CS Cart. The Zero_Price_Action is set to "ask". In my point of sale, we pick up the ZPA as ask and have the cashier enter the price to charge for that item. I create the order using a POST and include "price":"10.00" for example. The order is created with the price of $10.00. Perfect. BUT... now I need to change the status and sometimes apply discounts to other products. This involves the use of a PUT update to the order number. When I do the put, with all of the same product data, it resets the price of the ZPA items back to $0.00 regardless that there is a price defined in JSON. Any thoughts?

I guess the simplest solution would be to modify the API code to accept "price":"XXXX" in the PUT update, which it appears to currently ignore and go back to the CS Cart price.

Yes, looks like it is required to modify API. But do not forget to post this issue to the bug tracker as well

Confirmed as bug. They put it in for a fix.