4.3.6 Product Changes Not Saving

Just migrated over to from 3.x to 4.3.6 and went live last night and have a BIG problem.

When I make changes to product in admin, the changes only partially save. If I change for example, the product description and hit save and close, it changes and the new information is displayed on the public site. BUT, when i go back into the product admin, the description has reverted to the old one and when I hit save again, it saves the old one.

The data is the database is changed, that is why it displays properly on the public side the first view. It is like the product data for admin is cached somewhere or stuck in an array that is not cleared so when I pull that page back up, the old data comes back up.


Tried rebuilding cache - no change.

Also effects the description fields in categories as well.

Same in both Internet Explorer and Chrome

So it looks like the browsers are caching the data instead of pulling fresh from the server. There must be a server side way to control this in IIS

It is definitely a browser caching issue. If I disable the caching in Chrome developer tools, it works fine. It also impacts other pages such as editing an order in admin. Trying to figure out how to disable the caching from IIS.

Finally resolved. I had to include a header in IIS for cache-control = no-store for the website and disable the IIS setting to expire content immediately.