4.3.6 Api & Php

Running CS Cart 4.3.6 using the API for orders from a POS system.

Hosted locally on IIS 8.5 (Windows 2012 R2 Server)

Currently have PHP 5.3.28

Installed PHP 7.0.15 in an attempt to improve site performance.

When using PHP 7.0.15, the POS errors that it cannot access the API. Runs fine when I switch back to 5.3.28.

Any ideas why this would happen???

4.3.6 is the first version that will work with php 7.0 so I would guess that you do not have an extension installed. You need to check your error logs to find out what was causing the issue.

Also there could be problems with IIS.

So you should check for errors in the log.