4.3.3.sp1 To 4.3.4 Upgrade Issue

So I successfully upgraded from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 and then 4.3.3 to 4.3.3.SP1 but when I try to upgrade from 4.3.3.SP1 to 4.3.4 I get an error, I have attached a couple pics for reference; First is the error I get from within Cs-Cart, what I find odd is the Request is just a double quotation mark, and the response is Access denied. I checked the file permissions of that file in question and it was 644, I went to the upgrades folder and set the permissions recursively to all subdirectories and files to be 777, and tried again, but it downloads a new file and sets that file's permission to 644. What should the newly downloaded file's permissions be? Could that be the issue or is there something else?

Second picture is a screenshot of the test I did to make sure the PHP timeout length is long enough.

Third picture is of the file permissions from the downloaded file just for reference.

I tried clearing cache through Cs-Cart and reattempting it, but no change, I am now manually deleting the var/cache folder through FileZilla but so far it is at 17,166 files and 4,528 directories lol! Looking at the file names it appears that all of the files are other upgrade versions/ attempts. I will try the upgrade again after that finishes and will post back as soon as I do, whether it worked or not.

Thanks in advance for any insight possible!




I found this thread about some issues, and I tried the compressing - false part, no luck. Then I kept reading to post 14 and tried that.. IT WORKED! I was able to upgrade to 4.3.4 and then to 4.35 by removing that section of code! Granted I don't have the "rollback instructions" but the backup is on the server so if anything happened I could manually rollback I assume. Either way, it worked and I was able to get to the most current release (until we get the 4.3.6 notification that is)

Either way, I'm good now, so hopefully this will help someone else if they experience some issues upgrading, for reference I was able to find that this was the issue (after the fact) by going to var/upgrade/car_log.txt and reading the bottom line which in my case was "2016-03-09 17:06:38: Failed to send e-mail" so I knew something was up with that section.

I think I found the root cause! It turns out my host's DNS settings MX settings to local, so it was searching their accounts for the email address, we use Google Apps for Work for reference where all the emails are hosted, once we found this out we set the DNS records to remote to let our domain registrar handle the emails like normal. Once this was set, I was able to email to any email we want, including my email address again. So at the end of the day all it was, was a wrong setting from our host! Nice!