4.3.10 Update -- Anyone Do It Yet?

Has anyone upgraded / updated to 4.3.10 yet?

Did the process go smoothly?

My store is still in development stages, so I should probably go ahead and upgrade since nothing really to disrupt yet if something goes wrong, but I have installed a variety of 3P addons and am concerned that they may stop working?

Such as:

1. MagicZoomPlus,

2. MagicScroll,

3. Cart-Power Power-Blog,

4. Cart-Power floating menus,

5. Cart-Power options variant,

6. Cart-Power images gallery,

7. Cart-Power Google Recapcha

8. Paypal adaptive payments.

9. Shipstation

10. Custom html smarty blocks I made myself --- do these all stay and keep working?


Anyone able to report if these still worked?

We have already made several upgrades without any issues. If the module was created correctly, it will not be broken after the upgrade. As for point #10 - yes, content of custom HTML blocks will not be affected

Thanks! Glad to hear upgrades are going smoothly.