4.16.1 vendor panel

Hi all,

A few questions on the new vendor panel

How to we remove/hide the onboarding guide for vendors who are active? It is unnecessary for these users

Furthermore, how do we change the vendor panel to e.g 4.15.2 which was much more user friendly and had better information. The new one has taken a step backwards

I think, you can just disable the “Vendor panel configurator” module

I like the rest of it, im talking specifically for the new analytics sections and set up

You can upload screenshots?

attached is the new vendor panel analytics

Previously we didn’t have plan data, we had better communication directly to vendor owners, the sales graph was the whole page, the data points showed were more helpful etc

How do we get that element back

I am afraid, there is no easy way to do it


Use the Log in as vendor functionality in the top right corner of the admin panel. When an administrator with sufficient privileges does it, they get redirected to the vendor panel and can see the editing modes on the bottom toolbar.

The overall appearance has been reworked to be less overweight and clunky for a vendor, and to fit into the page without the need to scroll down.

The data for the plan was present in 4.14.2 (haven’t checked elder versions).



My feedback was that from a UI/UX perspective the previous layout was much better then the current one. You had much more data points and its more intuitive

Furthermore, why have an on boarding guide for users who are already onboarded? Shouldn’t there be some condition e.g vendor state = active. Otherwise it just takes unnecessary space

I do not want to get into an argument, but personally I like the new design better than the previous one. The number of data points in the order statistics is the same - days in a month, day by day.

Since you can add and remove there any blocks with any information, you can notify your vendors about upcoming changes, not just new ones. Once your vendors get acquainted with the information, they can dismiss the blocks.

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if they dismiss the blocks do they reappear in any circumstance? re-login for example?