4.10.3 Upgrade - Tons Of Updates?

So after the last .2 fiasco regarding the checkout process I decided to wait a bit before moving to .3. Sure enough I count 10 updates since the 18th that basically make up .3. (yes the header in the attachment shows 7 but that's because I clicked on 3 of them)

Has the update been that buggy over the last week or ??

[attachment=13913:2019-07-24 21_11_31-Administration __ Upgrade center - Administration panel.png]

2019-07-24 21_11_31-Administration __ Upgrade center - Administration panel.png

And another one just a few minutes ago? You guys change up how you roll out updates or is .3 that buggy?

The number of messages in the Notification Center doesn’t equal the number of the released upgrades. When you sign in to the admin panel, CS-Cart checks for upgrades and creates a notification if an upgrade is available. This could be the reason why you receive multiple notifications while there is in fact only one upgrade.

Pretty much what I suspected as the change logs were pretty static.

It would be nice though if it cleared the notifications after upgrading... finally did so today and still shows 71 in the notices bubble. And yes, I logged out and back in.