4.0.3 won't install & no errors reported

Hi all

I'm trying to do a fresh install of 4.0.3. After putting in all the details and clicking 'install' I get the 'processing' box briefly then it goes away and I'm left on the same screen.

I have tried every combination of file permissions including:

  • exactly as advised in the installation guide.
  • all directories to 777 and all files to 666.
  • all directories to 755 and all files to 644

    Very fustrating. Any tips or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated…

    ps - on a new server running php version 5.4.21


The incorrect combination of the MySQL database name & username may cause this problem. You may want to double-check these fields.


Thanks Denis. I have double checked my database and database user details with my host and they are correct and working properly.

Any other possibilities??

Someone please help. I have this same question.