4.0.3 vs. Internet Explorer 8'ish

We upgraded to ver 4.0.3 about two months ago. It works pretty well, but I have discovered that one of our most important clients (government) that use a common RDP interface with Internet Explorer 8 have some issues with our site. As this is our main customer group with a lot of potential customers its obviously very important to get a fix for this problem. Since this is a common goverment platform we cannot expect them to make any changes to their platform or browser. When we where running 3.0.6 it worked properly.

The problems consist of:

  • Problems with adding to cart and placing orders!
  • Cannot skip to next product
  • Cannot write reviews
  • Getting “An error has occurred message”

    A few questions:
  • What is the main difference between 3.0.6 and 4.0.3 that can cause these issues?
  • Anyone know a fix for this?

    Any responses are highly appreciated.

Wow, this is interesting. We sell to a lot of folks that use older browsers too. This sounds like we might loose business if we upgrade.

I'm yet to see a third party theme for V4 which works in IE8 and below too. Ah, the joys of graceful degradation.

Curious, is it not important to most users if CS works with IE8 or below? In my mind I would think pretty much everyone would want it to work backward.