4.0.2 - Exported file does not have full OPTIONS variants value

We have a default 4.0.2 test store

a sinlge product with OPTIONS has been created

This product has a Options which has a checkbox . we intend to use this box with shipping charge (eg. product's shipping value will be added to item when this box is selected , and checking this box will be compulsory) (please see screenshot below to see how it intends to work - 1st two images )






But when this product is exported the variant value (+45$ ) is not exported (see 5th image)

So when this file is imported back the variant value needs to be filled in manually - this value being shipping cost , will be different for each product .

AND NO - we cannot use Shipping Propertiesn for this shipping cost as this is the only way in CS cart using which customer can see total cost of product (item + shipping ) without much hassle OR without having to check with shipping estimator .OR even adding the items to cart

is there any way these variant value can be exported along with product code ?


The variant scan be exported but NOT the added cost/price modifier of each variant.

I had this for an older versions and doubt it will work for v4

[url=“AT LAST, option modifiers import - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]AT LAST, option modifiers import - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums


Its not working on 4.0.2

But thanks for the post John