4.0.2 cant import images

Hi you all

First i put this in Bug tracker too and it is confirmed


But do any of you know if there is a fix for this?

thay put it as non sevier i gues?[list]


[indent=2]0 - None Assigned[/indent]


But come on this i realy important do thay expect us to manualy put one image at the time for all ouer products?

So have any one found a fix for this?

i got the same problem

I had the same problem too… I found the folder where they are hosted via FTP and uploaded the files to the folder directly. In order for the cart to display the photos, I had to change permissions on the folders to 777 or 755.

So in other words, in FTP… public_html/images/companies/(1,2,etc)/

I don't know why the cart was not installed with the proper permissions by default but the helpdesk told me to change the permissions and it works. I still can not upload but I can upload via FTP. I hope you find this as a FIX to at least display your images on your cart.