4.0.1. Homepage banner issue


I changed the site width to 1200 px according to CS CART instructions

I have 16 grid homepage banner carousel settings

Now whatever banner I upload is always resized double less. So for 1200 x 500 I get 600 x 250.

I tried with smaller width banners but the issue is the same I always get reduced banner dimensions by 2 times.

So to get 1200 x 500 I had to create and upload 2400 x 1000 banner. I thinks it is not the idea how it should work.

Does somebody has the same issue?

I am having the same issue but cannot find a fix for it.

Sounds like the code that handles the resizing of images upon upload needs to be tweaked? It seems that the cart still believes your site width is the default width.

I haven’t played around with this yet, but that’s my shoot from the hip guess.

Hope that helps :)