3rd Party CS-Cart developers

Does anyone have a list of 3rd Party CS-Cart developers/programmers I can contact to do some custom work for the software?

their are only a few of us here, what are you looking for?

I am need of a custom mod developed for the CS-Cart. It is basically a custom image zoom mod similar to what is done at http://www.jcpenny.com. Go to the womens section and then click on any of the product listing for clothing; in the product detail display you have the option to click on an product image and in the popup there is a zoom feature. I have a client who is looking for a similar feature.

I have exact project details in a Word document that I can send to interested parties to quote on. Any developers/programmers interested in doing this, please send me your email and I will get you that document.

are you talking about something like http://www.zoomify.com, you may want to check out this thread [url]http://vb.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=7147&highlight=zoomify[/url]

Snorocket, thank you so much for that reference site. That is EXACTLY what I was looking to do. The forum post you provided is not quite what I wanted, but the Zoomify Express script is exactly what my client wants. Would you or anyone that is experienced in programming with CS-Cart be interested in giving me an estimate for this work?

If you use jquery, check out magnify. It is part of the UI and there is also a magnify plugin available.

Back to my original question; is there a list of certified developers/programmers for CS-Cart? I tried contacting TopCoderPro.com, but have not received any response. I have a few custom projects with CS-Cart that need completed.

Note: I did receive a response from TopCoderPro; it just went into my junk box.

no official lists, however the only people I know of who are still around that can code mods, addons ect…




there’s lots of folks who are very good at modding hacks like:

zardos (the reigning king of image boxes)

their’s alot more folks out their and they can respond to get added, it would take awhile to go through and add people…

Exactly what snorocket just mentioned.

I’m more of the upgrade dude then anything else. My own clients get a bit more but most are not online-based in the customer contact side.